A touching hand-written letter to Jane.

Feb 28, 2010
Dear Jane,
For Christmas this past year, my mother (Francine Javarauckas) gave me the a book "Half the Sky". It was also at that time that we learned that there were no more treatment options for her colon cancer.  Knowing she had only a couple of months to live, she and I started making preparations. In one of our conversations, she asked where donations (memorial) should go... and that is when I told here about the DOT ORGS listed in Half the Sky.  She was very impressed by 34 Million Friends. Together, in her bed, she and I used her laptop to go to the site, and we watched your video. When done--she said "That's the One!"  
She was particularly impressed by the difference a few dollars can make to a young woman and how that in turn will make the world a better place.. She was thinking that if we could get more women educated, it may very well be one of those women that find the cure for cancer, work toward world peace, etc.
Included is $110 in memorial donations from several people that attended her service earlier this month.
Before my mom passed on February 16, she and I agreed that in addition to collecting for 34 Million Friends, it is important to get the word out and make as many people aware as we can.  We included it in the paper announcement and I will continue to spread the word.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help the cause. I travel all over the globe and I have an idea of what it is like in many of the developing countries
Kind Regards, Trish Torizzo.