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May 21, 2012.
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 Song in French for 34 Million Friends and UNFPA
Click here: 34 Million Friends - YouTube
A wonderful song in French for 34 Million Friends and UNFPA by my Senegalese friend Alassane Sy whom I met at a conference on early forced marriage at USC in October, 2011. I've always wanted 34 Million Friends to go worldwide.  He recorded this in Senegal. It is beautiful. It also contains very strong images. The French with the English translation is on the Jane's Blog page  


Click here: YouTube - 34 Million Friends

  Jane's poem and Odetta's song


Click here: What? You've Run Out of the Pill? No IUDs either? | RHRealityCheck.org 
by Jane Roberts calling for a "Family Planning Speak-Out"

Making access to family planning more than a human right,
but a human reality. Conference in London in July
Click here: Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin: Family Planning:
Making the Fundamental Human Right a Reality

The Tragedy of Child Brides,
National Geographic, June, 2011

Click here: Child Brides - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

 "Rising Temperatures Melting Away Food Security" from Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute
Click here: Book Bytes - 104: Rising Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security | EPI


Population Action International's wonderful 13 minute video on the effect of climate change on the world's women.
Please watch.



Science Magazine July 29, 2011.
Important video on World Population



"NIcholas Kristof of the NY Times tells the truth about family planning." (Nov. 2, 2011)
Click here: The Birth Control Solution - NYTimes.com

 Jane Roberts and Her 34 Million Friends  is the second part of Chapter 8 in
Kristof's and Wudunn's international bestselling book  "Half the Sky" . 

In October 2011, Jane gave 16 talks to university students, to civic groups, and to United Nations Association chapters in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Here is a link to her seminar at the Harvard School of Public Health where she was invited by Dr. Ana Langer, former President of the wonderful ENGENDERHEALTH and now head of the Women and Health Initiative at Harvard.


Click here: Event Summary - Jane Roberts Seminar - Events - Women and Health Initiative - Harvard School of Public Health



When the world takes  care of women, women take care of the world. The United Nations Population Fund Takes Care of the World's Women. Please become one of 34 Million Friends of the women of the world through the United Nations Population Fund.


Click here: Women's Health Equals Global Health: A Radical Proposal | RHRealityCheck.org

A Project of the United Nations Association of Pasadena. UNA Pasadena is a tax deductible 501c3 organization which then regrants the funds to UNFPA to the full extent of the law. 

"The United Nations Association of the United States of America, www.unausa.org, enthusiastically supports UNA Pasadena's collaboration with 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population Fund, a powerful grassroots movement for the women of the world."

Patrick M. Madden       
Executive Director, UNA-USA

The Pasadena Foothill Chapter of UNA is extremely pleased to be the host for 
34 Million Friends. www.unapasadena.org. Esther Gillies, President


Hi, I have just read  Half The Sky, and was thrilled by your story in Chapter 8. We have had a similar struggle with our government about funding for international womens rights, particularly on reproductive rights and maternal mortality. There have been positive changes, and government support for UNFPA , but the struggle continues. Congratulations on your commitment and energythe 34Million Friends is a wonderful initiative, and I will be sending the message to our Parliamentary Group on Population and Development .I hope that your work will be part of the Beijing+15 at the UN in March..it reflects the spirit of Beijing, and the rights of women..the need is clear, as is the responsibility and demand for sisterhood, we just need the action

Senator Claire Moore

Labor Senator for Queensland


Letter from Jane 2012


Good people, nothing is more important for the future of people, the planet, and peace than the education, health, equality, and choices for the women and girls of the world. If you agree, please take a stand by joining  34 Million Friends, which started in 2002, with at least one dollar. Hillary Clinton, in her testimony to become Secretary of State: "Of particular concern to me is the plight of women and girls who comprise the majority of the world's unhealthy, unschooled, unfed, and unpaid." What an indictment! And she went on to say: "The United States must remain an unambiguous and unequivocal voice in support of women's rights in every country, every region, every continent." We must all (Americans as well as others) become unambiguous and unequivocal voices. That is what 34 Million Friends calls upon us to do. My vision for 34 Million Friends has always been that it should become a worldwide grassroots movement for the women and girls of the world. We must enter the fray against gender inequality.




My friend, Stephanie Ortoleva, an international human rights lawyer who happens to be blind  has a wonderful web site: www.womenenabled.org  

Follow Jane Roberts on Twitter and Become Her Friend on Facebook
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UNFPA works in over 150 countries at their invitation to help women survive childbirth and to help families practice family planning. It educates the world's adolescents about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. It stresses girls' education and discourages harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and child marriage which often lead to long term harm. And UNFPA is at the very heart of the fight to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. I urge you with all my heart to become aware. www.un.org/millenniumgoals.org . Look particularly at MDG 5.
Target 1:
Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio

·        The high risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth continues unabated in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia (Worldwide over 500,000 women die giving birth every year, one a minute.)

·        Little progress has been made in saving mothers’ lives

·        Skilled health workers at delivery are key to improving outcomes

Target 2:
Achieve universal access to reproductive health

·        Antenatal care is on the rise everywhere

·        Adolescent fertility is declining slowly

·        An unmet need for family planning undermines achievement of several other goals

And all of us who are reading this have no doubt practiced some type of family planning. Family planning is such a gift. If truth be told, the ability to control one’s fertility is at the very core of women’s ability to become educated and to make choices. For me, access to reproductive health including family planning is at the very core of the world’s ability to reduce poverty and misery. Voluntary family planning saves women’s and children’s lives, reduces population pressures, gives the planet a chance to sustain us, and contributes mightily to peace and stability. One can not emphasize enough its importance not only for all the reasons above but also because it helps to prevent many of the 20 million illegal and unsafe abortions which take place every year and which take a terrible toll on women and their families. UNFPA is the largest supplier of family planning counselors, reproductive healthcare physicians and workers, and of family planning commodities in the world. Please visit its web site. You can learn much valuable information at   www.unfpa.org

Warm Cheers, Jane Roberts